The Caritech container system consists of standard and custom adapted modules in 20” and 40” sizes, all manufactured according to the highest specifications and safety standards.  

They have all necessary approvals and are already working around the Globe from Siberia to the Middle East. All components have been selected based on testing and performance. To secure functionality we have installed a full AC and ventilation system, fire suppressing systems and alarm system including 24/7 monitoring of every function, this also increases the battery lifetime.

The smallest model in the programme is a 545kWh battery capacity with a 500kWh bidirectional inverter for VVP, and 2 x EV 25 kW DC-Fast charging outlets and 2 x AC 22 kW outlets. *


Caritech’s standard container is build in a 40” container with 1MWh battery capacity and 1MWh bidirectional inverter for VVP and 4 x 120 KW DC EV Fast charger outlets and 2 x 22KW EV normal charger outlets. The Caritech container modular systems allow our clients to pick and choose the perfect system configuration for the specific purpose, everything based on our Modular Design.

All containers are equipped with 2 redundant communication modules for secure transmission of data, the modules have a reaction time of down to 0,3 seconds enabling the container to participate on the most demanding power reserve markets.


The Caritech container program has no upper limits, we can combine as many containers as our customers ask for, it can be on the same location or distributed through an entire nation where all the containers in a specific network will act as one, or divided according to market demands, these parameters is interchangeable via our Can Gateway.